Our Story

At The DataFlow Company, we integrate our academic backgrounds, consulting experience, and international expertise into every aspect of the dataflow process. Our journey began 10+ years ago, rooted in our ongoing pursuit of academic research projects. We immersed ourselves in the world of research, where we learned the critical importance of meticulously considering each step when transforming innovative ideas into tangible data measurements, data analyses, and data visualizations. This academic foundation laid the cornerstone of our commitment to data, providing us with a solid understanding of the rigorous principles and methodologies essential for informed decision-making.

However, our dedication to the field did not stop there. It was enhanced and enriched as we ventured into the real world, collaborating with industry leaders and societal stakeholders. These experiences have equipped us with a unique perspective, allowing us to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our interactions with industry professionals and community leaders have exposed us to the real-world challenges and opportunities that data can address. This exposure has fostered a practical approach that empowers us to tailor our data solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that data is not just numbers and statistics; it is a powerful tool that can drive innovation, solve problems, and create lasting impact.

At The DataFlow Company, we are not merely data scientists; we are your partners in turning data into actionable insights. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our diverse background, positions us as a trusted resource for your data-driven journey. We are excited to collaborate with you and explore the endless possibilities that data offers. Join us in our mission to harness the full potential of data and make data work for you.

Our services

Our Skillset

We can support your task with a wide range of skills. We can serve clients in English, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, and Italian. Our proficiencies include:

Data Analysis (R, Python, Spark, Julia, Atlas.ti, ...)95%
Database Integrations (SQL, DAX, Cypher, ...)75%
Data Visualzation (ggplot, Highcharts, D3, seaborn, ...)82%
Web Applications (Shiny, PowerBI, Streamlit, Flask, ...)80%
Machine Learning / AI (TensorFlow, PyTorch, HuggingFace, ...)81%

Our Approach

There are a number of key factors that are central to our approach.

The Data Science Puzzle

Finding the appropriate approaches during each step of the data flow are often the most crucial decisions. There are hundreds of different strategies for collecting the right data, choosing the right analysis, and ultimately sharing data or insights with your target audience. It is our task to be your partner for this data science puzzle. We have a diverse team that is up to date with the latest methodological develpments across a variety of approaches — in fact, we have published on several methodological advances. Our goal is to make sure that you have the best information to make the right data decisions.

Human Oriented Insights

Our background in psychology has prepared us to focus on human-understandable data communication. Having the technical knowledge and the right tools is one part, but making sure that the insights we gather are communicated in an transparent, accessible, and effective manner is at least as important. Understandable data communication is one of the key missions of our team. One of the key commitments that drives us is to apply our background in human perception, decision making, and communication design to make sure that our outputs are made for humans.

Shared Expertise

We understand the value of the perspectives and knowledge of the people we work with. Our strength comes from involving you as our client as well as our diverse team of expers. You are the expert on the data you collect and the knowledge gap you seek to address. In many cases we can complement that experise with our own experiences but our core strength lies in working with experts like you. We also recognize that there is never a one-size fits all solution. Our diverse team of researchers, data scientists, and designers is a clear reflection of this commitment.

Meet the Team

Out team includes a number of core data scientists and developers as well as several consulting specialists.

Maximilian Agostini

Data Scientist

I started my data journey many years ago within academia doing a bachelor, master, and PhD that were focused on developing new methodologies, analyzing and managing multiple large datasets, and using elaborate statistical analyses to answer and generate theoretical questions. Next to that I worked as a consultant for a number of companies and universities. I am always impressed to see what well orchestrated data can have on the individual, larger groups, and societal as a whole.

Jannis Kreienkamp

Data Scientist

Hi I'm Jannis. I am a researcher, data scientist, and data communicator. Most of the day, I think about academic theories, write code, and share our results with our societal partners or the scientific community. I have a passion for research, development, and design. I work on making human dynamics understandable by developing workflows to collect, analyze, and present human data.

Anna Bertolini

Medical Expert

As a medical doctor I have worked with data from the lab, patients, and from medical databases. I enjoy getting into the intricacies of healthcare data to derive meaningful insights for patients and research. My unique blend of medical expertise and data science proficiency allows me to bridge the gap between clinical knowledge and cutting-edge analytics.

Justin König

Buisness Intelligence

With a degree in Chemistry and a specialization in Environmental Modelling, particularly in Ecological Economics and Environmental Information Systems, I am passionate about Data Science and Business Intelligence and excel in transforming complex environmental and economic data into meaningful insights.

Januschka Schmidt

Qualitative Data Expert

I am a PhD researcher in Cultural Geography. My work combines cultural, geographic, and religious theories. I have a strong background in qualitative data analysis and have developed several community-embedded and critical research methods that put exposure and justice to the forefront.

Catharina Gerigk

Data and Design Expert

As PhD student with a background in design and theory and history of psychology I am familiar with quantitative and qualitative research. What excites me most is the intersection of data science and communication — understanding data and turning insights into compelling narratives.

Have Any Project in Mind?

Are you interested in one of our services or simply want to know more about whether we might be a match? Please reach out to us via the Contact Form or by email at: info@thedataflowcompany.com