Data Collection

All data collection starts with understanding, defining, and measuring the construct of interest. At The DataFlow Company we have ample experience in finding or constructing the measures needed for collecting the data you want; be it from self-report scales, publicly available datasets, lab measures, or turning unstructured data into workable databases.

Web Solution

Data Management

Data is often messy. It comes in various forms and often needs preparation before it can be used for the purposes intended. At The DataFlow Company we help in designing pipelines that provide you with the data you want. We also provide you with the tools to let the different elements of the pipeline play together. For smaller projects, securely stored local files can be all you need. For larger projects database management and APIs can be a useful addition.

Strategy & Research

Data Analysis

The bread and butter of every data project is to use real-world data to drive informed decision-making. At The DataFlow Company we use tailored analyses to help you derive insights from your data. This can include cross-sectional analyses, longitudinal analyses, qualitative analyses, machine learning algorithms, and many more.

Web Development

Data Enrichment

Sometimes you realize that for a specific project, additional data can be added to your already existing data. At The DataFlow Company we are able to enrich your data with multiple additional datasets. For example, a powerful technique to enrich individual survey responses can be to add contextutal environmental data to that individual response. Other examples include enhancing your customer profiles with geographic data, enabling you to understand regional preferences and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

App Design

Data Communication

There are many different ways in which we need to communicate our data. It is our mission to help you communicate your results effectively. Amnong the many ways in which we think about data, (1) visualizing data often allows a better understanding of the data flow. It can also help generate new questions that allow you to generate deeper insights into your data. At The DataFlow Company we have ample experience in visualizing data, analyses, and every other step of the data pipeline to help you get the most out of your data.

We also help you to communicate your data to others (2) in written form. This can include buisness reports, governmental briefings, academic publications, presentations, and many others.

In some cases, different steps of the data process can be (3) integrated into web pages, web applications, or as a part of other platforms. At The DataFlow Company we provide web development services that present the different data steps in an online accessible manner.

Digital Marketing

Data Sharing

Sometimes data needs to be prepared and documented so that others can easily access and use it. Complexity gets added when such data moves across borders and to different global regions. At The DataFlow Company we have handled a number of large-scale projects that allow us to help you make the most of your data, even after you have exhausted your data needs.

Business Analysis

Our Workflow

Let's look at what you can expect from us.

Before the start of every project, we sit down with you for an hour to understand whether our skillset matches your data needs. This initial consultation is always free of charge.


(Free) Initial Consultation

Meet the Team
1 hour

After understanding your data needs we sit down to calculate how long it will take us to work through the different steps of the data flow. We will then send a draft proposal which can serve as a starting point for future discussion and goal setting.


Project Assessment and Proposal

We work out the details
Usually 1 week

The fun part starts. We will send short weekly updates on the progress of the project. We continue to work closely with you to ensure that our implementations match your expectations.


The Nitty Gritty

We implement your project
Project-dependent timeline

Once we get to the end of the data project, we start creating means of communicating your data insights. These can be reports, publications, or other means of providing you and others with a good understanding of your data.


Evaluation and Reporting

Constant communication
Throughout the project

Most projects are developing and evolving, we are of course here for you to keep the project up and running. Also sometimes new projects develop out of finished work. It is always exciting to continue developing new projects based on old insights.


Long-term Support

We don't let you hanging
However long you need us

How much will it cost you?

We strongly believe that every project has its own needs and challenges. Sometimes preparing the data takes a lot of time; sometimes a complicated analysis or visualization is more time intense. We, therefore, try our best to match our pricing to your budget to create a fair and sustainable project environment. The initital consulation will always be free so do not hesitate to reach out and we can see together whether our skillset fits your needs and budget.

Have Any Project in Mind?

Are you interested in one of our services or simply want to know more about whether we might be a match? Please reach out to us via the Contact Form or by email at: